I teach 109

I'm Luke, I teach CMPT-109 at Montclair State University and this is my blog.

What is 109?


You might be wondering why this site is name “I Teach 109”. What is so special about the number 109? Is it a reference to something? Is it a code? Is it an inside joke? What is the deal here?

The answer is actually very simple. 109 is the old the old course number for Fluency in Technology. This designation is now defunct, but before it was rebranded as CSIT-100 in the fall of 2014, the course used to be labeled CMPT-109. This is how most students knew and referred to it throughout most of my MSU teaching career.

When the name of the course changed, I decided to keep the name of the blog, both for consistency, and because it sounded better than “I Teach 100”.