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I'm Luke, I teach CMPT-109 at Montclair State University and this is my blog.

Ada Lovelace Video

Great video on life and accomplishments of Ada Lovelace.

Pitfalls Of Ip Geo Location


In Lecture 6 we talked about TCP/IP protocol and the way computers that connect to the internet are addressed. We discussed how IP addresses are handed out, and how an address can be connected to an ISP or an organization, and from there traced back to an individual. I also briefly mentioned geo-location services that can trace an IP address to a geographical location. Here is an interesting news story about a family living on a farm in Kansas becoming a target for internet harassers, and a site of weekly police raids due to the way one of such mapping services resolves the location.

Publishing To Msuweb


Every MSU student has the ability to publish a personal web site, or course related documents on the MSUWeb server. This post will show you how to access your MSUWeb space, and how to publish files to it.

Nibbles And Bytes


In one of the homework assignments I introduced the concept of a nibble (or nybble). In this post, I will attempt to provide a short explanation for this concept.

Binary Arithmetic And Negative Numbers


In class we learned how to convert numbers from decimal to binary and the other way around. Let’s talk about some more advanced concepts.

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