I teach 109

I'm Luke, I teach CMPT-109 at Montclair State University and this is my blog.


Ada Lovelace Video resource
Pitfalls Of Ip Geo Location resource
Publishing To Msuweb resource
Nibbles And Bytes resource
Binary Arithmetic And Negative Numbers resource
What is 109? meta
The Grand Narrative of the History of Computing resource
Setting up Tmux on the Turing Server technology
Free Public WiFi Phenomenon resource
CSS Lab lab
HTML Lab lab
Using TexEdit for Webdesign resource
File Comparison Challenge challenge
Does a full hard drive slow down your computer? resoure
The Difference Engine - A Closeup Picture resource
Sophos Antivirus False Positives technology
The Importance of Backups resource
MB vs MiB - Seagate Class Action Lawsuit resource
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How IBM Changed the Computer Market resource
Osborne 1 - The First Laptop resource
Teaching programming with LOGO teaching
The Long History of Computing resource
MSUWEB Locking Files technology
Graphical User Interface Pioneers resource
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